10 Rules For Perfect Data

Rule 1 :
Your input data should contain
• Copper Layers
• Solder Mask Layers
• Silk Screen Layers
• Mechanical Layers
• Drill Layers
• Routing Layers (if special type)
Rule 2 :
The data should contain 274 X (extended) format and drill file should be in excellon 2,4 or 3, 2 format with embedded tool list or if any special requirement please attach word file or excel file.
Rule 3:
We do not accept PCB design data (Please export from your PCB design software)
Rule 4:
Please avoid gapping in between names while you prepare an attachment.
Rule 5 :
Please avoid sending in PDF, image file, calendar file, auto cad with which it is difficult to extract to a gerber format.
Rule 6 :
Use same units (mm or inch) in your gerber drill output file from the PCB design software while you export.
Rule 7 :
Avoid mirroring your layer image or drill layer
Rule 8 :
Do not overlap drill hole for slots
Rule 9 :
If it is a non PTH hole, kindly mention it is a mechanical layer or mention if it is required.
Rule 10 :
Trace and Space
Etching file line trace and space, especially on plated layer, can directly affect the manufacturability of the board.
Using a layer trace and space than the minimum manufacturable (typically 4 milli trace and space minimum for most factors can help control costs and achieve manufacturing yields)